Gilden’s Art Gallery presents 40 for 40

40 for 40

Forty works for Forty years of

Gilden’s Art Gallery

We are honoured to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gilden’s Arts in 2021. On this special occasion we have curated a selection of 40 works for 40 years, which reflect both our passions and the diversity of our collection. Gilden’s Arts was founded in 1981, by Jacob Gildor and is a family run business with his son Ofer Gildor opening Gilden’s Art Gallery in 2006 in Hampstead village. Over the past 40 years Gilden’s has brought a diverse selection of original prints and paintings to art fairs across Asia, Europe, and North America, as well as mounting frequent exhibitions in our Hampstead gallery. With art from movements such as the Ecole de Paris, Eastern European Art, International Modernism, , and American Post-War being brought to clients across the world. It has been so rewarding to assist our clients build their own collections, of which they are passionate. We were delighted that this longstanding commitment to the promotion and collection of original prints was recognised in 2019, when Gilden’s Arts was accepted to the prestigious International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). For this particular exhibition, 40 for 40, Jacob and Ofer have shared some of their own insights into the pieces that have inspired or captivated them over these last 40 years, and along with Daniela, Diamante and Stephen, have prepared some memorable moments and anecdotes. We hope you will enjoy this exhibition and we are delighted to celebrate this important milestone with our valued clients.