33 – December 2013

33 – The Inaugural exhibition at our new Gallery

December 2013

My journey into the art market started in a somewhat unusual way.I was living in Paris studying History of Art in the Sorbonne when my father asked me to help him with a small errand. He asked me if I could go to bid on his behalf in the famous Parisian auction house Hotel Drouot. I reluctantly agreed and immediately fell in-love with the business. For the next two years, I worked from Paris and started to learn how this business works spending many hours in the established and wonderful Parisian print galleries in Rue de Seine. Each gallery was a trophy trove of wonderful art works spanning the whole Modern era and I was able to see, feel and touch these works.

An opportunity aroused and I moved just across the English chancel to the European capital of art – London. Here, the art scene was very different. No long small cramped old galleries with treasures but Modern stylish spaces showing the best of the best. After a few years here, one day I stumbled upon a beautiful neighborhood that I didn’t knew – Hampstead. At first it didn’t feel like London at all but rather a charming English village in the country side. I felt that this is the right place to open our gallery. It will be warm and friendly but will present the best works by the best artist.

We have been in 87 Heath street for seven exciting and rewarding years building a wonderful group of friends that I hope feel at home in our gallery as much as we do. But now it’s time to open a new chapter. I’m delighted to announce the opening of our new gallery. I’m even happier to let you know that we are not going too far away! In fact we will be just across the road in 74 Heath street, Hampstead. Our new space will have more than double the exhibition space and will enable us to develop our exhibitions even further.

Ofer Gildor

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