GEORGES ANATOLOVITCH DE POGEDAIEFF 1897-1971 Pogedaievska 1897 – 1971 Ménerbes (Russian/ French) Title: Bouquet of Lilacs and Orange / Bouquet de lilas à l’orange, 1964 Technique: Original Signed and Dated Oil Painting on Canvas size: 61 x 38 cm / 24 x 15 in Additional Information: This is an original oil painting by Georges de Pogedaieff. The work is signed by the artist “Georges A. de Pogedaieff ” at the lower right corner. It is dated “64” (1964) next to the signature. In the back it bears the original artist’s label with the dedication: “Georges A. de Pogedaieff à Madame Loviot” with the date 9.5.64