Portrait of Moses.Portrait of Moses.Portrait of Moses.Portrait of Moses.

Technique : Original Etching on paper.

Paper Size : 24.5 X 16 cm / 9.6 X 6.2 inch.

Image Size : 9 X 6.5 cm / 3.5 X 2.5 inch.

Additional Information : This work is Hand Signed by the artist in pencil at the left lower margin “Budko”.
It is also Hand numberd: “I 2” in pencil, which is probably the second state of this woodcut.
Joseph Budko was a student of Herman(n) Struck.
Like Struck and Steinhardt, he used the expressive form of the printing methods (etchings,woodcuts, and lithographs) to revive the use of graphic and book illustration in the jewish art world.
The emergence of the German Expressionism in the begining of the 20th century that used the sharp contrast of black and white and the hard, dramatic cuts to express their souls and to turn a small format into a monumental image is also aparnt in his work.
Budko developed a style that combined personal attitude with Jewish mentality, a synthesis of Jewish tradition and modern artistic approach. He also revived the spirit of Jewish book illustration, elevating it to modern design.

Condition : Good condition.
two pale stains in the upper right corner some surface dirt in the margins and minor handling creases. (the image is in very good condition).