Salvador Dali at the Ritz Hotel in 1956

Beaucourt, 1930 (French)
Title: Salvador Dali at the Ritz Hotel in 1956, Paris, 1966
Technique: Hand Signed and Stamped Resin Coated Silver Gelatin Print
Size: 60 x 50.5 cm / 23.6 x 19.8 in
Additional information: This work is hand signed by the photographer “A.Villers” in the lower right hand corner.
The print bears the photographer stamp at the verso and a note “Dali en 1956 (Dali in 1956)”.
The photographs shows the artist with his curved moustache, gazing to the left and carrying his trademark cane.
It was created in 1966 and printed by the photographer circa 1989.
Condition: Very goodcCondition. Some crease on the lower edge.