Paris 1919 – 1981 (French)

Title: The Bird

Technique: Original Hand Signed Aquatint on vellum paper

Paper Size: 47.5 x 38 cm / 18.7 x 14.9 in

Image Size: 28.5 x 24 cm / 11.2 x 9.4 in

Additional Information: This Aquatint is hand signed by the artist “JM Signovert” in black pen at the right lower margin,

Jean Signovert was an important member of the French Abstract movement after the second world war.
The movement included different groups as “Abstraction-Création” with Auguste Herbin, Georges Vantongerloo, Hans Arp, Albert Gleizes, Jean Hélion, Georges Valmier and Frantisek Kupka.
After the second world war the significant Abstract groups were called among others “Art Informel”, “Lyrical Abstraction” , “ART AUTRE” and “Tachism”.
The artist who praticipated were among others: Andre Lanskoy, Wols, Leon Zack, Hans Hartung, Georges Mathieu, Henri Michaux, Pierre Soulages, Jean Bazaine, Alfred Manessier, Serge Poliakoff, Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Jean Dubuffet, Jean-Michel Atlan, Roger Bissière, Camille Bryen, Alberto Burri, Charles Lapicque, Pierre Soulages, Nicolas de Staël, Antoni Tàpies and Jean Fautrier.

Condition: Good condition. Some foxing in the margins.