LEONOR FINI 1908-1996
Buenos Aires 1908-1996 Paris

Title: The Foreigners / Les Etrangers, 1976

Technique: Portfolio with 36 Original Hand Signed Etchings in colours on Rives vellum and Japan paper

Portfolio size: 41.5 x 32 cm / 16.3 x 12.6 in

Additional Information: This portfolio consists of 36 hand signed etchings and text.
It has two parts:
The Book: The text “Les Etrangers” was written by Juan Bautista Pineiro and translated to French by Francoise-Marie Rosset.
The book is illustrated by 18 original Etchings by Leonor Fini that each one is hand signed in pencil by the artist.
Some of the etchings are printed on full sheets and some are printed with text.
The Suite: In addition to the book there is a separate suite of the 18 etchings when each one is printed on a separate loose full sheet of Japan paper.
Each one of these 18 etchings is also hand signed in pencil by the artist and also stamp with Leonor Fini dry stamp (face of a cat).
The portfolio was printed in 1976 in a limited edition of only 186 examplares but from them only 50 were printed on vellum de Rives paper with an extra suite on Japan paper, like this one.
The portfolio is numbered in the justification page “No.105”.
It is also stamped and hand signed in the justification page by Mr. Maurice Masseut from the Huisser de Justice in France.
The etchings were printed in the printing house of Atelier Rigal in France.
The cover of the portfolio is also specially illustrated by a design of Leonor Fini.

Condition: Excellent condition.