The Violonist, The Flute Player and The Match MakerThe Violonist, The Flute Player and The Match MakerThe Violonist, The Flute Player and The Match Maker

MANE KATZ [Katz Emmanuel] 1894-1962
Kremenchug, Ukraine 1894-1962 Tel Aviv (Russian / Ukrainian / French / Israeli)
Title: The Violinist, The Flute Player and The Match Maker , circa 1942.
Technique:Three Original Signed Plaster Sculptures
Height: approx. 39 cm / 15.2 in
Additional Information: These three original sculptures by the artist Mane Katz are hand signed “Mane Katz” o n the base.
The were craeted in circa 1942.
Literature: Aries, Robert S, Mane-Katz. 1894-1962 The Complete Works, Vol I & II, published by D’art Jacques O’hana, 1970 London.
The Violinist: Vol II, no. 466, page
The Match Maker: Vol II,no. 461, page 159
The Flute Player: Vol I, no.639,page 193.
Provenance:The collection of Louis Schapiro
Louis Schapiro (1883-1947) was a patron of the arts and a prolific collector of modern art from the early 1900s until his death in 1947. He supported and encouraged many young artists and acquired their works in the United States and during trips to Europe. His collection was particularly orientated towards artists from Eastern and Central Europe, Russia and the Ukraine. Many of the artists like David Burliuk, Abraham Walkowitz, Mané-Katz, Chaim Gross, and N. Vasilieff were visitors to Loius Schapiro’s home at Glenledge Cottage in Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts. During his lifetime, he also made a number of donations to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Institute of Modern Art in Boston, as well as the Kalamazoo Institute of Art. His so-called “Modern Art Collection” given to Brandeis University, was one of the founding collections which eventually formed the Rose Art Museum.
Condition: Some visible restauration especially around the head of the clarinetist and the arm and the volionist.