two Dancing Figurestwo Dancing Figurestwo Dancing Figures

ULES PASCIN 1885-1930

Vidin, Bulgaria 1885-1930 Paris (Bulgarian/French/American)

Title: Two Dancing Figures

Technique: Original Stamp Signed and Inscribed Pencil Drawing on paper.

Size: 27 x 21 cm / 10.5 x 8.2 in

Additional information: The work is Stamp Signed with the signature stamp of the artist “Pascin” at the lower right part. The work is also Stamp Signed with the Pascin Atelier Stamp on the right hand side, beside the Stamp Sign Signature. These stamps appear in the book of complete Artist and Collectors stamps by Lugt as reference Lugt 2014b and Lugt 2014a. The stamp was used to identify and authenticate the works that were left to the estate of the artist.

Condition: Good condition.