Foujita exhibition

November 2013

We were delighted to announce our exhibition of rare drawings by Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita .

He was a very mysterious artist. His talent and eccentric ways epitomized the years known as “Les Années Folles” in Paris. Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1886, he was considered a Frenchman by his peers in Paris. A great admirer of Leonardo DaVinci, he not only borrowed his name, but also his love of drawing.

Kimiyo Foujita was the artist’s last wife. She died in 2009, leaving behind a collection which included exceptional artworks from the famous Japanese/French artist of the “Annees Folles” in Paris.

The majority of these works are studies for major paintings and all these drawings show Foujita’s extraordinary mastery of drawing.

We are very proud to introduce these works to you.