Gilden’s Art Gallery presents Inspired by Nature

Gilden’s Art Gallery are delighted to present our Spring exhibition for March-May 2022, ‘Inspired by Nature’. This show focuses on the beauty of the natural world and its enduring source of inspiration for artists across many genres, movements, and periods. The exhibition is divided into three distinct sections: Flora, Fauna, and Landscapes. It comprises etchings, lithographs, screenprints, archival prints, ceramic, drawings, and paintings from twenty-six artists.

We are particularly thrilled to be offering the seven striking largescale works from Alex Katz’s most recent edition, ‘Flowers’, published in 2021. Alongside these monumental works are important examples of the role of landscape art in German Expressionism, such as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s, ‘Farmer in Mountainous Forest’, 1920 and Karl Schmidt Rottluff’s, ‘Animated Autumn Landscape’, 1967.

We hope that you enjoy this catalogue and the exhibition hosted in our Hampstead gallery.