Gilden’s Art Gallery presents Joan Miró – Devotion to Printmaking

Gilden’s Art Gallery are delighted to announce our latest exhibition focussing on the extensive printmaking career of Joan Miró. The exhibition offers an opportunity to explore the many collaborations between the artist and printmaking studios in France and Spain. With works from the 1950s to 1970s, we have a selection of original prints from across the media of etching and aquatint, lithography and carborundum – a technique that became synonymous with Miró. Miró was a dedicated printmaker from early in his artistic career and worked with a multitude of talented printing studios, a small selection of which will be highlighted in this exhibition. We start primarily with the two largest and most established printing houses of Twentieth Century France –Mourlot and Maeght. Further to these major and respected houses, we have original prints from Miró’s longest collaborator Robert Dutrou and a selection of etchings and lithographs from the celebrated Spanish printing houses Sala Gaspar and Polígrafa.

We do hope that you enjoy this introduction to the printing studios that Miró so enjoyed working with in order to realise his artistic visions.