Gilden’s Art Gallery presents Moments in Time

Gilden’s Art Gallery are delighted to present our new exhibition “Moments in Time’. This reflective show focuses on the individual moments in time, across the history of the twentieth century, that have directly impacted the artists represented. Their names are well-known in the canon of art history, but the opportunity to place works in the context of each artist’s career and the events that surrounded the creation of individual works now has a special resonance. The selected works are either from important years of the artists’ respective careers or are directly linked to a significant moment in the lives of the artists. These works are as diverse as representing personal spaces, how artists encountered circumstances beyond their control, new landscapes, new relationships, and the impact of war.

The global pandemic has touched everyone’s lives and changed how we see our own world. In time, ‘normality’ will return, but we will each carry the impact of this period on our lives, and it will inform our future decisions as well as allow us to re-examine the past. It allows us to look again at familiar artworks and now we can connect to a perhaps a different, deeper meaning that we had not noticed before. The exhibition comprises original lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, and screenprints alongside unique works on paper by celebrated masters of 20th Century Art. A plethora of artistic movements are explored through the lens of ‘snapshots’ in time and will be available to view in our Hampstead gallery. Whilst there remain many obstacles in the world, we hope you will draw strength from the resilience of these pieces and the stories that they can tell in order to help us realise that even the pandemic will be only a moment in time.