Italy Uncovered

Gilden’s Art Gallery is delighted to present our new exhibition – Italy Uncovered – offering a survey of both the major Italian art movements and those which are lesser known. We begin our focus on the most celebrated movement of Italian twentieth-century art – Futurism. This involved the exploration of not only motion but also the rapidly advancing industrialization of the world.
This leads to a diverse exploration of Metaphysical Art and Surrealism, which were two movements undertaken in the same period between the World Wars.
Like much of the wider western world the decades following the Second World War also saw Italian artists looking outside of their national sphere and embracing international movements. We are pleased to show a number of works belonging to the International movements of Abstraction and Minimalism.
One of the unique qualities of the Italian artistic movements of the twentieth century is that there is no one dominant region or centre for creativity, but rather pockets of innovation, schools of thought and manifestos that emerged from right across the country.